We have all seen the news and witnessed the most tragic events of a generation with the reduction in police staffing and the near decimation of the Thin Blue Line. Furthermore the “Black Lives Matter” Marxist agenda and its defunding of police has opened up a huge vacuum whereby crime has reached unprecedented levels. Murders are up, theft and looting and for them and the Antifa morons we have a society and many major cities laid waste. For that reason our police force has not been given the opportunity to protect and serve because their own mayors and district attorneys would prefer to suckle the tit of utopian fantasy.


To protect and serve meant a calling and a higher level of service than these idiots in black riot gear would comprehend.



The Punisher symbology has been seen throughout American society, in the military, in the law enforcement community and basically anywhere a person might see or witness a sense of freedom and values. The Punisher was about vengeance and although I would love to kick the living crap out the Antifa, Proud Boys and anyone who would deface America and push a Marxist agenda I simply can’t. The Punisher would have ended their careers the day before yesterday but instead we continue to support our men and women in law enforcement by produce designs and products on everything from police shirts to police and patriotic PVC morale patches. America has to support the blue and start doing it immediately or you will see the Punisher arrive and that will be disaster and blood will flow in the streets.


Police Challenge Coins

Some of the finest Police challenge coins developed by 10-4 Gear have gone from the desk of the former President out to the NYPD and other major metropolitan police departments over the years. As a major supplier of police challenge coins the artists at 10-4 Gear have created some exciting and highly detailed coins for the Thin Blue Line

and did so out of re4spct for our men and women in uniform. These coins represent their dedication, honor courage and commitment to fighting crime and keeping the wolves behind bars. America has been brought to her knees and a weakened police presence isn’t helping but we stand with them every day producing police challenge coins that honor each of them.

Fir Na Dli Men Of Law Police Challenge Coin
Fir Na Dli Men Of Law Police Challenge Coin

St Michael, St Gabriel, Protect And Serve, US Border Patrol coins (God do they need all our help), Justice, Police officers prayers coins and Defend the Constitution are only a few of the LEO coins that stand apart with unique artwork, quality and design.