Police shirts hold one thing in common which is their connection to law enforcement in all reaches, locations and climbs all over the United States. The police shirts we have seen developed over the years have gone from the basic mundane copy and paste ritual to the highest level of and quality of design. The truly exceptional LEO artwork easily surpasses the former designs which could have been created with a 3 year old and a crayon.


Artistry means having the right design, originally crafted with an appropriate text or slogan and displayed and printed just right making your police shirt really exceptional. There are many amateurs making police shirt companies but very few real professionals.

The Thin Blue line encompasses tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dedicated folks from the local police, sheriffs, troopers, correctional guards and staff, police dispatchers, state troopers, border police and more. The community of law enforcement not mention their family and friends are an amazing and close community. Do you ever see thousands line up in their cruiser and motorcycles parading to the funeral of a police officer lost on their shift like they do? Only the patriot guard and US veterans and firefighters receive this level of resect as they should. They protect and serve our communities and because of their unrelenting dedication, faith and uncompromising professionalism they deserve all our respect. Police shirts are designed specifically for them to whom deserve so much of our thanks.

US Border Patrol Shirts

With that being said a police shirt can make a wonderful police gift to someone you love or care about that puts their life on the line daily. The police shirts out there are just about as perfect a gift as you can find for your LEO.

The police shirts we design are a labor of love and help to support and back the blue with colorful art and design. As officers of the law their responsibility to protect and serve with a variety of police departments and agencies including police K-9 teams. Once of the biggest things we had had the pleasure of doing in support of LEO over the past 12 years is designing police shirts, police gifts and police challenge coins for our law enforcement all across America.