The Thin Blue Line is really about us all. Each and every American that wants to live in a free society that maintains laws we as citizens vote in. It is our right to live freely but in a peaceful community that is protected by our law enforcement.

Without law there is only chaos. With chaos nations crumble and that should never leave us, The loss of a law enforcement officer happens every 58 hours in this country and another reason that blue lives matter.

The Thin Blue Line is there to protect and serve and it is our responsbility to back the blue because beneath the badge is one of us, a mother, father, brother and sister. This is a law enforcement made of their own community of family but they act and work for us all. That is why we all need to come together as a nation and support and back the blue.  


In law enforcement we discus the human component of protecting our communities but its also the K-9 teams that do as well. Hunting is an art and a great hunter takes his best tols with him. That means in today’s modern age of fighting crime that the dogs need to also get credit. They are part of the tea, they are a Sergeant and officers and their blookd when spilled is as blue as the officer that works with him or her.

I don’t believe that I’m unique in the items I own that show I’m a Police Officer. Of course I have police shirts, statues, police challenge coins and many other police gifts. Some of these items I display in the main living area in our home in a lit cabinet. I like to have things that are understated, something that shows my pride in what I do, not just a generic tee that says “Police” or “SWAT”.  We all understand how decorations go in our homes, our wives or husbands aren’t officers and just don’t understand and usually don’t want that stuff in the living room…..right.