Going back decades the development of police challenge coins came as a response to law enforcement pride and recognition. Police challenge coins would display art and elements that inspired a new generation of law enforcement officers and The Thin Blue Line.

LEO coins that back the blue display a huge variety of police elements such as coins displaying to Protect and Serve art, coins created for K-9 Teams with that incredible team being recognized, Fir Na Dli (Men of Law) coins that were created as a good luck charm similar to the Saint Gabriel coin created.

From the Hollywood movie The Untouchables came the quote that makes this point – “First Rule of Law Enforcement: Make Sure When Your Shift Is over You Go Home Alive.” – Jim Malone

Police Beat
Police Beat

That is why we made police prayer challenge coins including The Lord’s Prayer coin and more.

What makes a great police challenge coin?

The art. Pure and simple. Many of the challenge coins seen all over the internet were copy and pasted. Very few were created with original art and design and the producer went for cheap verses quality. That is where we decided it had to end. The law enforcement community deserved better and at 10-4Gear.Com they got it.

If a challenge coin isn’t at least 4mm and constructed of dual metals then it isn’t a challenge coin. More like a bus token.

Let’s discuss the best police coins out there. They make great police gifts.

From Saint Gabriel to K-9 anniversary coins. Protect And Serve coins, CERT coins for prison jail extractions crews, US Border patrol coins and more. But how do you take your police coin to a new level? East. Make it custom with engraving. Oath To The Constitution, K9 custom coin and Honor Our Fallen coins for our lost but never forgotten officers are an amazing series of law enforcement coins designed to have custom text engraved. No other police challenge coin in America officers a fully customizable coin that gives you the room to have your officer’s name, badge number or special message inscribed. At 10-4 Gear they make this a reality.

And if a police coin isn;t what you are after there are quite a few police shirts at 10-4Gear to choose from.