Protect and Serve Police Challenge Coin

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Get your Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Challenge Coin! A perfect gift for any law enforcement officer in the line of duty or retired.


Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Challenge Coin designed and crafted for law enforcement officers and the law enforcement community. “To Serve and Protect,” is a phrase made famous by the Los Angeles Police Department and adopted, in various forms, by law enforcement agencies across the United States.

Law Enforcement is one of the greatest professions that exist.  There are so many wonderful attributes to the job and the amazing people who are drawn to it.  Many departments have motto’s but the most famous description of what you do is the motto “To Protect and Serve”. The To Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Flip Coin embodies this.

Regardless of individual stories by often disgruntled citizens, police officers do a fantastic job of “Protecting” the people they serve.  The heroic stories and the sacrifices of so many of you “blue warriors” who have risked or given your lives to protect citizens fill news columns and books.

To “Serve”. Just a humble gesture of a public servant reaching out to those in need, the homeless man who receives shoes, the meal purchased for the woman down on her luck, the hotel room paid for the family having hard times or the Christmas gifts purchased and delivered to the children who had no Christmas coming are a few of the gestures that you often do when no one is watching. The To Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Flip Coin shows that in its design.

This beautiful coin is antique gold and silver with inlaid blue accents. Double sided and individually numbered. It measures 2.0″ round and 4mm thick.

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