On occasion you might see a K-9 vehicle roll up to an accident, at the scene of a robbery or maybe it was at a local school when we used to have police officers visit and discuss the role of law enforcement that protect and serve our communities. K-9 teams have always been an important part of law enforcement from the canines we see at airport terminals checking for drugs and other contraband in carry in suitcases and bags. Our skies are safer because of them.


When we use the term Blue Lives Matter we are also discussing the dog part of the team. They are a police officer and to harm one is no different than hurting or killing their human counterpart. It’s a felony and you’re going to jail.


Saddleback or Belgian Malinois?

Let’s put it this way. I wouldn’t want to be taken down by either but I also think that given the choice I’d prefer the Saddleback cause the Malinois is going to find you in a 3rd floor window and take you out. Try being rundown by an NFL running back on steroids with incisors. Getting the picture?

Fugitives in the past escaping from correctional facilities got the added enjoyment of being tracked by K-9 Teams. Blood hounds, Shepherds and a whole host of dog breeds were given this opportunity to track you down.

K9 Hunting Man Since 1307 Police Shirt
K9 Hunting Man Since 1307 Police Shirt


The 2* (asterisk) has always meant two ass’s to risk. A clever way of suggesting the close connection between dog and human and their teamwork going in and out of every mission they are handed. They are inseparable.

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