Law enforcement and our police belong to all of us. They keep the wolves at bay and protect our communities. All lives matter and this means we all have to back the blue. These are men and women just like the rest of us who have sworn an oath to protect us. Laws make a nation and to enforce these laws you need a special person to do so. It is for this reason we need them and need to demoinstrate our support for their safety as well which means the message should always be that blue lives matter. The Thin Blue Line as our men and woman in blue are often referred to are and will always be our heroes. They protect and serve all of us. Back the blue because without them our society and life as we know it will crumble.

Our K-9 teams also need the same respect from the two-legged to the four-legged K-9 team partners. They valuable service also help to provide safety on our streets.

These are real parents, dads, mothers, kids and their families that support these thankless warriors. We should remind them they are appreciated and their hard work, dedication and sacrifice is the best part of us all. They are The Thin Blue Line.

Our hearts go out to all law enforcement offices that put it out on the line everyday. They serve a role that we have asked for in the form of laws that we pass. These laws are made to protect us. Our law enforcement officials are called upon to enforce them and in turn risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. Never forget what they do and never forget those who left us to early.

Whether in the form of a police shirt, police challenge coin or a police gift you can back the blue and hope you will.