The Thin Blue Line……………

I don’t believe that I’m unique in the items I own that show I’m a Police Officer. Of course I have shirts, statues, challenge coins and many other things. Some of these items I display in the main living area in our home in a lit cabinet. I like to have things that are understated, something that shows my pride in what I do, not just a generic tee that says “Police” or “SWAT”.  We all understand how decorations go in our homes, our wives or husbands aren’t officers and just don’t understand and usually don’t want that stuff in the living room…..right.

We have created a very unique item that we believe can be appreciated by anyone. It shows pride in our country and profession. It is something beautiful enough to put in the main living area in your home but would also be suited to a “man cave” or “she shed” as well. It is well crafted and looks more like a piece of art, it is our Fluid Metal Thin Blue Line Sign.  Check it out, tell us what you think.

If you are reading this, you are most likely a guardian of the Thin Blue Line as well, or loves someone who is,  and we believe this is something that will show your pride in guarding the Thin Blue Line.

Until next time,

Captain K