The old adage that the men and women of law enforcement are part of The Thin Blue has been stated millions of times. It’s one thing that their responsibilities stretch over every state, city, county and within our local communities with responsibilities many cannot fathom. What isn’t expected is when our own government thins the ranks even more. The US Southern borders gets thinner when the Head of US Border Protection, Chris Magnus resigned under pressure from Department Of Homeland Security official Alejandro Mayorkas. As if the US border protection and customs offices didn’t have enough to deal with.

US Border Patrol
US Border Patrol

Over 4,000,000 illegal crossings

When you look at it once the current administration offices took over it has been stated quite clearly that over 4 million borders crossing have been accomplished many which are spurned on by Mexican cartels and mules promising riches and a better life in America. Well America Mayorkas has stated that our borders are closed, quite safe and that no real problem exists. Anyone throw a cheesecake under water too? We know it’s a sham and a lie and now that Chris Magnus is on the way out we feel they are protecting the lies because the one person who knows what is really happening at our borders just got let go, basically.  So did The Thin Blue Line just get thinner? You bet it did.

Protect Thin Blue Line Police Shirt
Protect Thin Blue Line Police Shirt

Now that the border is open and the Border Czar Kamala Harries (the biggest joke as a Vice President we have ever seen) our men and women in the law enforcement arena just had their lives literally made harder and their jobs impossible.

Mayorkas asked Magnus to step down on Wednesday but the CBP commissioner refused to go quietly, insisting he would not leave unless asked by the White House. Sounds like Magnus got ram rodded by those who don’t want the honesty to leak out.

US Border Patrol Facts

The Border Patrol has a known budget of $16.3 billion in fiscal year 2022 and employs more than 60,000 personnel, CBP is the largest law enforcement agency in the country, and more than 85 percent of the agency’s Border Patrol agents (i.e., 16,878 of 19,648) are concentrated on the southern border. Seemingly large numbers but the number of border patrol offices against the size of the US border is miles is a very large stretch to be covered.

How effective is the US Border Patrol?

We did a random Google search on this one. We will post their information but since no one wants to accurately post the real numbers we feel the Google information remains empty of factual data. Go ahead and laugh about this one.

The success of deterrence through enforcement has meant that attempted crossings have fallen dramatically even as the likelihood of a border crosser being apprehended by the Border Patrol has only risen slightly, to just over a 50-50 chance. (per Google 11-14-2022)

Is Border Patrol stressful?

This is a good one. What do you think? Millions of people crossing over the US Borders, largest amount of encounters in US history, holding areas with less than satisfactory facilities, underpaid, over worked, catch and release policies, and a federal government that isn’t doing much to help and support them.

So the lists of hits to our men and women in law enforcement with this latest news. Drugs, terrorists, a drain on our medical services, free health care, the right to vote from the moment they cross over, free living room and board all compliments of the US tax payers. Welcome to the new world.

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