Vendetta is seeking vengeance on a murderer or their family members. This often happens in society today. Whether it’s a personal affair or an accidental mishap, vendetta is very real. There is nothing more heartfelt than vengeance for your homeland. Especially when your country is in invaded by Nazi. Let me take you back to September 1942 when the World was at war.

September 17, 1942 in Stalingrad, Russia was a dark day. You can call it D-Day. There was not an ounce of sunlight shining down on the city. Primarily due to the intense bombings that took place via aerial attack. It was Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko and Sgt. Viktor Reznov alone in a war zone. Nothing but bodies of their fallen comrades surrounded them in blood pools. However Sgt. Reznov would not let the Nazi off without his own taste of vendetta.

Crawling through the pool of blood in a demolished city fountain, Sgt. Reznov made it very clear that they will be the ones to avenge this tragedy. The best way to take action was eliminating the main threat. That threat was General Heinrich Amsel, who was responsible for the mass killings of men, women, and children throughout the homeland. Along came specific sniper instructions to take out phase one of the operation. “Headshots when the bombers fly over!” shouted Sgt. Reznov. Pvt. Petrenko did just that and completely annihilated all Nazi troops with the thunderous engines of the bombers shielding the bullet echoes.

Now of course the mission was still underway since General Amsel was untouchable. Not only untouchable, but out of sight. That is when the mission truly begins. Journeying through the abandoned and wrecked streets of Stalingrad, our duo is ambushed by enemy sniper fire from a hotel a few kilometers north. After a brief game of cat and mouse, Pvt. Petrenko delivers a brutal headshot taking down the bastard. It’s time to get moving.

While continuing their quest through an old library, a patrol walks by outside. Our duo must stay quiet and out of sight. However, a misfire took place and the patrol wants to burn them alive. They fire their flamethrowers and burn down the building completely. Just barely escaping the heat, a bypass patrol spots them and laughs at their misery. But never let your guard down, especially when you’re at war.

Sgt. Daletski and his squad come to their rescue and brief each other on the task at hand. After the briefing, our duo fights through more patrols and wait for General Amsel to leave his meeting. Heavy fire is upon them but with patience, General Amsel breaks his command post and is in the direct line of Pvt. Petrenko’s path. He lets loose two shots and the General is dead on the scene.

The tanks spot the flashes of the rifle and begin firing on their building immediately. Now the only way out for our duo is to jump from several stories into the river below. The plan worked and they are able to escape out of sight, out of mind. Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin

This mission is another example of the intensities snipers face. Whether in war or hostage situations, the dangers faced are very real. There will be more documented sniper missions coming, but until then, our “One Shot, One Kill” military coin will be waiting for you.

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