The past few weeks the Midwest has been on high alert for a a Vance. Michael Dale Vance Jr. was first seen in Tulsa, Oklahoma after abruptly killing relatives and wounding two police officers. Since then, authorities were on high alert to take down this man. Here is what happened.

Vance recorded himself on Facebook Live after the first killing and it was clear that he was out for more. He had not been seen since until this morning. That is where his spree came to an end. However, Vance was not going down easily. A nearby citizen spotted his Mitsubishi Eclipse not far from an Oklahoma highway. After calling the authorities, he kept a close tab until they arrived. It won’t be long now. images-2

When authorities arrived on the scene, Vance was awoken and quickly fled from the scene. If only it were that easy. Officers pursued him for half an hour and then the shootout began. Wanted on multiple charges, you bet there was going to be gunfire. Vance engaged in battle with the same AK-47 that wounded the two officers earlier in the month, but this time was killed. You can say he had it coming to him.

One thing investigators are trying to put together is Vance’s history with HIV/AIDS. He may have been set to intentionally spread the disease. Truth is, nobody will ever know but Vance himself. Mental health is a very serious issue in this country. Regardless of how kind, considerate, or caring someone might be, they can still snap at any moment.

Vance was perceived as a great guy amongst his peers but they admitted that he started going downhill a few times. This is why it is very important to seek help for anyone who is suffering from any type of mental condition.

The morale of this blog, never take anyone’s actions for granted because you never know the battle they might be facing from within.

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