A State Trooper has a very dangerous job. Patrolling the state highways and providing security for several state agencies just to name a few assignments. State Trooper’s are highly respected. Sometimes it takes a personal experience to truly appreciate their service.

April 2006, driving south on Interstate 95. It was a very hot and humid day in South Carolina, probably a bit warmer for that time of year. That didn’t matter; we were on a group trip to Disney World. Sure enough, there was another eight hours before arriving to Orlando. However, anticipating car trouble is another thing.

Cruising at 70mph we were making great time. Everything was rolling on all cylinders, but then the unexpected happened. The front passenger side tire blew out. We lost control of the car, but were able to steer safely onto the shoulder. Upon getting out, chunks of the tire were scattered behind on the interstate. The spare did not have the proper PSI to finish our trip, so the next step was to call Triple A. Their ETA was an hour. At that point the only option was to wait for the next sixty minutes.

Halfway through the wait, a South Carolina State Trooper spotted us alongside the road and quickly pulled over to assist. We told him Triple A was about thirty minutes out and he offered refreshments and McNuggets. Of course the nuggets were an accessory, but on a hot day like that, water was essential. Triple A finally arrived and the kind trooper waited until the maintenance was complete.

Afterwards, he wished us safe travels and recommended a top tier BBQ restaurant further down I-95. I cannot remember his name, it has been so long, but I will always remember his contribution to helping us get on our feet. Protect and serve, that’s the moral of the story. TFG041-Trooper-Arizona-Highway-Patrol-AZ

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Take the time to watch the “Day in the Life of A State Trooper” video below.




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