A K-9 is a dog that is trained to assist police and other law enforcement personnel in their work. They are very distinct in following commands, and protecting their handler.

We all love dogs.  The most popular domesticated animal in the world is a family joy. With a variety of qualities such as loyalty, outgoing, intellectual, and playful, dogs are definitely a part of the family. However, there is one percent of the dog population that are more than house animals, they’re crime fighters.  Max is part of the one percent. Listen to his story.

It was April 2007 in Hanover, Maryland, only a couple miles south of Baltimore. There was a German shepherd pup named Max. He was only a couple months old, but he was a rescue. Abandoned on the side of the road with his litter mates, the ASPCA soon found them and gave the pups shelter. Little did Max know, he had a future in K-9 service. It was at that moment, his life changed forever.

Ricky was Max’s trainer. A very proud and fond construction worker in the community, Max soon became Ricky’s right hand man. However, German shepherds have a high intellect. Max would carefully pick up scents on his own whether it was a squirrel or a human. This became so obvious that Ricky saw the potential. Of course it would hurt to let him go, but giving back to the community was very important to him and his construction company.

Ricky decided to inquire about K-9 academy training. However, Max would not be qualified due to unspecified reasons. That did not stop Ricky from training him to his liking. Max soon became a trained German shepherd that barked when it was angered, watched all possessions, and looked out for strangers. Not being able to be on an actual force did not get Max down. He actually grew into the role in his own unique way. He became the site watchdog.

For every new construction site, Max would have his own unique post and pretty much chill unless he spotted something alarming. Max is still going strong as the company’s K-9 site dog nine years later. It’s stories like these that make K-9 units so important to every police force, and beyond. K-9 Hunting Man Since 1307

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