Democratic Presidential Nominee, Hilary Clinton, at a campaign rally in Philadelphia.

Election Day 2016 is finally here and it’s time for America to decide who will lead our nation for the next 4 years. The candidates involved are Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton, Republican nominee Donald Trump, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein. Even though there are four parties in the mix, the two that are favorable to win are the Democratic and Republican.

In April 2015, Hilary Clinton announced the launch of her campaign for President of The United States. A few months later in June 2015, Donald Trump announced his campaign. However, this wasn’t Trump’s first time making such remarks. He has always been a wildcard in presidential races, but was never to be taken serious. What made this time different from the rest? That is another story in itself.

A lot of citizens and even elected officials thought it was just a joke on his part; however, the joke went on longer than expected. Fast forward a year and some months later, here he is! Either way the morale of the story is to cast your vote. The benefit of living in a democracy is to have the right to allow your voice to be heard.

Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, at a campaign rally in Arizona.

November 8, 2016 will be a historic day indeed. Regardless of the winner, it is all about embracing the journey. The past year and a half has been rollercoaster. Just look at what we Americans have had to endure for all of the debates, campaigns, advertisements, and political correctness. Today it’ll all be over, finally. Now the question is who will win?

Both candidates are unfavorable in the eyes of Americans, but each supporter gives their nominee an advantage over the opposition. That’s what you’re supposed to do after all. Either way it goes some will be happy and others will be upset, but that’s the way the game goes.

Click here for various maps of the 2016 Electoral Votes.

See you after the decision is made.