Without the attitude of Blue Lives Matter then the already depleting police and law enforcement force in the United States would have so many ghouls that lawlessness would run rampant. Just in Portland, OR alone in 2020 as the Black Lives Matter anarchists burned her city streets there was a cry to defund the police. Guess what? Blue Lives Matter and in the fight to maintain the peace we have lost law enforcement officers. They have been shot, they have been burned and they have been murdered. It is a simple and plain truth that when you no longer care about the men and women and the fact that Blue Lives Matter you an an unruly society like Portland where the murder rate increased to over 650% from the prior year. Blue Lives Matter cause if they didn’t all you would have is chaos. Chaos over law is a society in trouble so you had better care that Blue Lives Matter today and tomorrow. Get with the picture. 

Back The Blue 

So what does Back The Blue Really Mean? In short it is supporting their men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line day after day to help us, to act as first responders, to fight crime and offer assistance to those in need from a variety of circumstances. As police officers Blue Lives Matter. We can’t maintain a lawful society that is founded on freedoms and opportunities while anarchy rules. In 2020 we were met with a variety of issues from the Covid 19 pandemic to the homeland terrorist organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter whose purpose is to tear down capitalism and our societal structures to include our basic family unit. They hide in the shadows and come out at night only when they feel they can run the show throwing bricks, spray painting public areas and attempt to tear down monuments that provide a living history of America. Because of their lawlessness we are forced to fight their criminal behaviors with law enforcement. That is why Blue Lives Matter and how we must support them. 

By supporting Blue Lives Matter we close the distance between anarchy ruling and its attacks on the very freedoms and foundation of America and maintaining the peace. By participating in Blue Lives Matter we help society with governing with law and not terrorism. So Blue Lives Matter because it does make a difference and it helps maintain the cornerstones that make our country great and our society work together. 

Protect And Serve

Practically on every police cruiser door are the words Protect And Service. It is one of the foundations of law enforcement and makes a very meaningful statement when it lies at the core of what it means to police a society. In a society of laws where Blue Lives Matter has become an increasingly bigger and bigger statement due to the issues we as a society deal with daily. Killing our police officers or abusing them isn’t the direction we as a society needs to go in order to see justice and a more fair system of law. People still kill each other and statistically blacks still kill more blacks than whites, there are always bad in any given group whether it is the citizens of this country or a police officer. Ripping the fabric of policing isn’t the solution. Nor is the solution reducing their budget. What ensues? There is no one there when the call for help goes out. You defund the police and you expose yourself to a big risk. They protect and serve for a reason and we as a society should always keep in mind that Blue Lives Matter because they are us. If you don’t think that Blue Lives Matter then maybe America isn’t right for you.


Let’s face it Blue Lives Matter in both 2 legged versions and 4 legged versions. Police K9s are some of the most awesome tools when it comes to policing. Are you kidding? Tracking down a fugitive from miles away, scenting for drugs or explosives, running up a wall or taking it to the tallest of trees where someone might try to hide. And even if you can get out and start running you are only going to get caught tired. Seen a YouTube video of a K9 take down? Its pretty awesome what they 4 legged cops can do. So don’t think for a minute that Blue Lives Matter doesn’t apply to the K9s because it does.