Molon Labe Police Sign in Vintage


Come And Get Them!

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Molon Labe. This Molon Labe Police Sign in Vintage captures its intensity and critical nature of a too timely view of the protection of freedoms. More than just a historical reference to defiance. It has traveled through the ages from Sparta to the War of Independence and later the US Constitution whereby the United States and it citizenry placed into law the 2nd Amendment of the United States whereby we as a people have the right to bear arms. Later Molon Labe became a cry for independence for the State Of Texas and onto the current day where the subject of weapons and the freedom to possess one has come into more and more serious debate.

As a people, Americans defend violently their desire to protect their right to freedom and to ensure their way of life. They have shown this determinations for centuries. Molon Labe and its past with its regard to Sparta and their defiance against Persia led them to this more than legendary statement of Come and Take Them! This was the act of a small group of warriors against unthinkable odds no different than the US Minuteman going to war against a determined British Empire shortly after this nation’s call for Independence. Molon Labe. More than a few Greek words. They are the words of patriots as well and they are as important as any other when it comes to the protection of freedoms and the preservation of liberties. The Thin Blue Line and America’s Law Enforcement know this better than anyone and as protectors of the peace know full well what Molon Labe means and how it weaves its importance into each and every one of our lives. This Molon Labe Police Shirt is beautifully designed with the Don’t Tread On Me rattlesnake illustrated with the colors of America, crossed rifles and the US birth year 1776!

We at 10-4 Gear support American Made Products in any instance that we can. We believe in this country, we believe in the hard working American workers that make all these products right here at home. Support What We Protect… American anytime you can. The Molon Labe Police Sign in Vintage, as American as the Law Enforcement Officer displaying it.

This beautiful Molon Labe Police Sign in Vintage makes the perfect police gift. 12″ x 15″

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  • Designed for the Thin Blue Line
  • Highly detailed police signs
  • 100% USA Made and printed

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