The Thin Blue Line is another phrase to identify the highly dedicated law enforcement community that keeps our neighborhood safe, our cities working in a safe manner and keeps its citizens protected from those whose purpose is crime, chaos and the disruption of the fabric of our society.

Not everyone may know that the Thin Blue Line is called this for a reason. If we look at the numbers to see how thin this line really is let’s look at 2016 on an average across America of the ratio of police officers to the the citizenry.

In 2016, police departments serving cities with populations exceeding 25,000 employed an average of 16.8 officers and 21.4 total personnel for every 10,000 residents. (Reference – The Thin Blue Line line is pretty thin and with the slanted reporting of our police officers in our American media the ability to replenish the ranks based on the medias desire to create undesirability of this profession making the ability to staff in major metropolitan US cities even more difficult. The Thin Blue Line still will not falter or wane and these incredible men and women that put on the uniform of a police officer each and every day putting themselves at risk to help others, to ensure peace and to serve and protect America’s communities must be honored. They have one of the most difficult jobs in this country and still hit the streets every day helping to ensure the American way of life and it is because of this that Blue Lives Matter!

The Thin Blue Line, its history and heritage are uniquely designed for at 10-4 Gear with the Thin Blue Line designed on a variety of police gifts. These police gifts are created from originality and not copied from another source. You will only find them here. The Thin Blue line art and designs make some of the most exceptional police gifts in the marketplace and perfect for your law enforcement officer whether still on the line, planning for retirement or already a police officer veteran. We are honored to serve them to the same level of professionalism they serve us every day. We hope you will find the perfect thin blue line police gift item at 10-4 Gear.

If you think a police officer’s job is easy. It is not!

10-4 Gear a US military veteran owned and operated company, recognizes other professional and unique US Veteran owned and operated companies. Police officers and US Coast Guardsmen protect and serve our communities daily and you will find the same level of commitment from the members of the US Coast Guard that run and operate Born Ready Apparel. Their dedication to working with both active duty Coasties, US Coast Veterans and members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and providing them with the very best is at the heart of what they do. One way they do this is by providing excellence and originality in their artwork and their superior Coast Guard Challenge Coins which stand to keep the history and heritage of the United States Coast Guard always relevant, always remembered and always ready.

The Thin Blue Line is very much involved in the design and collecting only the finest in police coins. 10-4 Gear’s core to supporting the Thin Blue Line when it comes to their police challenge coin is providing razor harp and unique police challenge coins that are different from start to finish. Police challenge coins comes down to two central things with one being the design and second the craftsmanship. 10-4 Gear offers both and has advanced the quality of police challenge coins by raising the bar on how exceptional Thin Blue Line coins can be. Below please find some of recent and most popular police challenge coins.

St. Michael Police Challenge Coin Charm

St. Michael Police Officer Coin

Protect and Serve Police Challenge Coin

 Protect and Serve Law Enforcement Challenge Coin

Thin Blue Line shirts and apparel that are 100% Made In The USA with exceptional and original police art. Our artwork is unique and not distributed to other police oriented companies. Our focus is to provide the razor sharp police designs at the best pricing because we do not offer these through middle men and control the design through to production and onto shipping delivery in such a way that our prices are extremely affordable. Our Thin Blue Line shirts items are custom printed on demand. With the variety of police gifts and items we offer may change from product type to product type, our message remains the same: Defend the line and support those who do. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift for a police officer you know, our Thin Blue Line shirts and hoodies are a casual and eye-catching way to show where you stand. All clothing is professionally printed for a final design that won’t wear out or fade over time. The Thin Blue Line shirts is unique to 10-4 Gear which means we will always offer to provide you with unique law enforcement support products not found anywhere else in the industry.

St. Michael Patron Saint of Police Shirt

Without question the requirement to be a law enforcement police officer in the United States requires sacrifice, courage, dedication and bravery to be able to walk and defend something that is great than any one of us: the Thin Blue Line. Both law enforcement officers in the past and in the present put their lives on the line daily to defend the law and bring the criminal elements to justice, and 10-4 Gear is honored to offer a full line of unique and supportive Thin Blue Line signs are 100% Made In The USA.

Fir Na Dli Men Of Law Police Sign in Vintage

These fluid metal police signs are one of the signature products uniquely offered at 10-4 Gear. Each of these exquisite 100% Made In The USA hand made police signs are made of cold rolled steel, then hand painted before they are placed into a special epoxy bringing out a fluid look that creates a one-of-a-kind look. Police officers and members of the law enforcement community have enjoyed these police signs on their office walls, dens, over the mantle, in the police station and personal work places. These police signs demonstrate the support that must be had when it comes to the law enforcement community of the United states!

Anyone who has been around cops know coffee is one of the five basic food groups when it means staying focused and going home from one’s shift. We all need a little help from time to time and police officers are human just like the rest  of us and need a little wake up too! 10-4 Gear has designed these police coffee mugs to honor our police officers, sheriff’s and troopers. Of note are our heat activated police coffee mugs that transform the graphic seen on the outside of our mugs when a hot liquid is poured into them.

K9 Veteran Police Lava Mug

K-9 Veteran 75th Anniversary Lava Police Coffee Mug

Police decals at 10-4Gear are outdoor rated, vinyl decals that will last for years. These are among the finest police decals in the industry and some of the most popular products we design and produce in our offices.

End of Watch Memorial Police Decal