Top 10 Gifts For Police Officers Under $25

Shop 10-4 Gear?! Absolutely. Because police officers and law enforcement officers may very well be one of the most difficult of persons to shop for we have solutions for this. Not the easiest person to shop for but when you find the right company and the right product it can be much easier than you might think when it comes to Top 10 Gifts For police officers Under $25.

If you search the world wide web you are going to come across a ton of police gifts and products. Police challenge coins, police apparel for men, police apparel for women, police gifts, police hats and police hoodies are typically some of the most popular police gifts you will find. One thing you will quickly recognize is that more often than not you will see the same products and designs coming from a variety of similar shops that carry rings, wind chimes, socks, utensils for a grill stamped Thin Blue Line or maybe a doggie bowl for your K9 pal named Rover. What you might also find is that these same designs and products, when you perform a Google shopping search, pop up in a dozen other companies all selling the exact same thing. What you will find in this collection of myriad odds and ends are products destined for a garage sale in someone’s future. The reason they are tossed or forgotten about in time is because they lack originality. There are very few custom police shirt and police gifts companies whose entire focus is the creation of brand new design and offer it exclusively at their company’s website. There are a lot of Lucky Lou’s Cop Shop and Beat Cop Shirt companies but there is only one 10-4 Gear Company and that is for a reason. We design original police challenge coins, police shirts, police hoodies, police signs, police coffee mugs, steins, travel mugs and more, specifically designed for those of the Thin Blue Line. We call them unique because no one else offers these police designs and no one outside of 10-4 Gear offers them. That translates into razor sharp and unique designs for our Thin Blue Line when it comes to Top 10 Gifts For Police Officers Under $25 from 10-4 Gear! That is because at 10-4 Gear we understand that Blue Lives Matter!

Police Challenge Coins

Nothing beats a police challenge coin for collecting or exchanging. These unique police challenge coins are designed with the kind of detail law enforcement, sheriffs, troopers, their friends and family deserve. Starting with this Sniper One Shot One Kill Glow In Dark Police Challenge Coin it engages your senses immediately with a scope and reticule you can see through, glow in the dark text and features and a foreboding skull with attitude. The reverse side features a quote from Ernest Hemmingway. A power and exclusive coin offered by 10 Gear. At 16.00 this police challenge coin makes a very affordable gift to a LEO or SWAT team member. One shot one kill!

Sniper Police Challenge Coin

The Fear No Evil Psalms 23:4 Police Challenge Coin is by far one of our most popular police challenge coins. This is the Biblical chapter and verse that solidifies the destruction of evil and personifies the strength and fortitude to advance against all enemies of good and smite them. It takes a lot of faith to be a law enforcement officer and this police challenge coin rings with truth the determination needed to go back day after day into the field of battle on the streets of America. At $16.76 per coin it is a truly priced below $25 and makes the perfect police gift.

Psalms 23:4 Fear No Evil Police Challenge CoinPsalms 23:4 Fear No Evil Police Challenge Coin prayer side

Did someone say America? This police challenge coin called The Great Seal of the United States Challenge Coin was fashioned as a professional challenge coin meant to capture the interest of any challenge coin collector. It has both peace and war associations with the arrows and olive branch clutched by the American Bald Eagle and the reverse side with the all seeing eye and pyramid found on the American one dollar bill. This is a piece of American history and heritage and it is displayed in the most professional manner priced at $16.76.

The Great Seal of the United States Challenge CoinThe Great Seal of the United States Challenge Coin Flip

It is widely understood that across the United States our law enforcement community is made up of US military Veterans. The skills and training many of our military receive is perfect for their role as law enforcement officers, correctional officers and more. We at 10-4 Gear respect our US Veterans now serving as police officers and when we do we also like to point out some extraordinary companies that also serve our Thin Blue Line community by offering some exceptional military challenge coins.

At 10-4 Gear we recognize and support other US Veteran small businesses that produce some of the finest designs and artwork in the industry and whose originality stands apart from others.

One such US Marine and US Veteran owned company is Devil Dog Shirts. We salute them. Their Marine Corps challenge coins are some of the very best in the industry and for our men and women in blue and former US Marines this is one place definitely worth checking out.

The US Navy and its Sailors, many also who have taken on the job of police officer, are honored at Navy Crow. The fine men and women at Navy Crow, also US Navy Veterans, go above and beyond by also producing unique US Navy Challenge Coins designed for their customers. We fully appreciate their service to our country and their continued support of our men and women both serving on active duty status as well as our United States Navy Veterans.

Police Apparel for Men

The Thin Blue Line is made up of some of the most talented men and women in the USA and because of these we at 10-4 Gear recognize their hard work and dedication and ability to Protect and Serve. It is because of this we are proud to offer police apparel for men and police apparel for women to include K9 police shirts for those working with teams and a partner with 4 legs! Not your ordinary police shirts by any means. Now we get a little tougher when it comes to the kind of Gifts For Police Officers At 10-4 Gear. Our police shirts have some engaging things about them and make an amazing police gift or several reasons. Our police shirts come with a 100% Made In The USA option making it fully patriotic from the shirt itself to the printing done in our offices to the staff of Veterans that place it safely into the mail for you. From start to finish every part of the printing process is inspected to ensure that only quality goes out the door. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular police shirts in the industry.

The Fir Na Dli Police Shirt found below was designed and crafted out of respect for our Irish Americans, a part of the American melting pot and some of earliest law enforcement officers. Without question there has been a strong connection with our Irish American police officer and their young beginning with the first eve police department located in Boston. The Irish American that came to America were as proud as any immigrants coming to America seeking peace, freedom and the American way of life. For some of our earliest Irish to settle in the Boston area some became law enforcement officers and immediately started one of the longest and proudest traditions associating their old Irish heritage with policing in America. This Fir Na Dli shirt aka Men Of Law is a look into the history of the Irish American police with this Celtic Cross, 4 leaf clover, highly detailed Gaelic colors and detail. This is the perfect police gift for under $25.00

We understand at 10-4 Gear that the Thin Blue Line works as a team with the men and women of firefighting. US firefighters have also held long and honorable traditions. Their connection to America is every much a part of the fabric our American culture. 10-4 Gear has designed for our Irish American brothers and sisters and so has the Veteran Firefighters at Fire and Axes. Their brilliant firefighter apparel items are both professional but also incredibly designed. They are a small USA company we recognize and fully support.

Order Over Chaos Police Shirt

The perfect police tee gift for under 25$. This is an excellent addition to any police shirt collection. Simple but says a lot with its message of law over lawlessness.

Order over chaos shirt

K9 Veteran Police Shirt

K9 Veteran Shirt

The K9 Veteran 75th Anniversary police shirt is symbolic of the 75th anniversary year being 2017 whereby K9’s were placed into service going back to World War 2. They have served with honor ever since. Police K9s are some of the most highly trained law enforcement officers with an enormous amount of responsibility both is life saving skills as well as bringing fugitives to justice. This K9 Veteran design was made for them.

  Police Coffee Mugs

We all know there is nothing more important than a good cup of coffee before a shift starts. Starbucks or the local coffee shack across the street from the precinct offices would be a great place to start but a lot of police officers make their own. Having a great cup of coffee in the morning briefing is best and 10-4 Gear has some great Police coffee mugs for that purpose. These Made in the USA police coffee mugs are some of the most popular police gifts we offer.

This Fir Na Dli Men Of Law Police Coffee Mug pays tribute to our Irish American Law Enforcement community and the heritage and traditions they have had in America since the founding of the first police station in Boston in the year 1838. From proud Irish traditions to the current day there has always been a strong connection with the symbol of Fir Na Dli and the Celtic Cross, the 4 leaf clover and the thin blue line seen displayed on this handsome and intricately designed police coffee mug. Fir Na Dli means Men of Law and nothing speaks more to the truth of our Irish connection to law enforcement in America. On the side of this police coffee mug reads “We Don’t Always Win But We Always Fight! and that is the kind of law enforcement we need with the ability to take on crime and keep going after it.

The 10-4 Gear Police Coffee Mug. Its an ancient creature that protects on the ground and from the air.

At $16.00 with a custom print this 11 ounce Made In the USA Police Coffee mug stands apart!

Law Enforcement Coffee Mugs

The Fear No Evil Psalm 23:4 Police Lava Mug presents the attitude every law enforcement officer must take with them into the field. Bible chapter and verse, Psalm 23:4 speaks direct and to the heart about ensuring that you need to be the top dog when on patrol, arresting criminals and maintaining the peace. At $16.00 with a custom print this 11 ounce Made In America Printed Police Heat Activated Coffee mug stands apart!

Psalm 23:4 Fear No Evil Lava Police Coffee Mug

Nothing like coffee interrogation!

Police Posters

On the wall in your den, office, briefing room, work space or man cave our Police Posters are unique and make these areas look great.

The End of Watch Memorial Police Poster. Losing a brother or sister in the line of duty of duty is not easy. End of Watch and other movies might get the point across but losing an officer can never be felt like it is in real life. Our End Of Watch Memorial Poster was created out of respect to our fallen. They will never be forgotten. Ever. Valor. Duty. Honor. Fidelity. Integrity. Sacrifice.

End of Watch Memorial Police Poster

Saint Michael is the patron saint of police. This St. Michael Blue Line Police Poster was created so it would add some amazing detail to any wall or space needing a little police décor. The artwork is original and was created out of respect to our law enforcement community. This is one of the Top 10 Gifts For Police Officers Under $25 at 10-4 Gear.

St Michael Poster

As an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) our small Veteran owned and operated business focuses on the creation of unique police gifts like the police coffee mugs, police statues and police signs displayed above. These Top 10 Gifts For Police Officers are original and designed and made in the USA. It is through our relationship with the law enforcement community, the comments and feedback we receive on our Facebook page that allows us to better serve the police, Sheriffs, Police stations and the men and women of law we are honored to serve. This is why Gifts For Police Officers At 10-4 Gear are among the best and most original on the market today!