The United States Border Patrol has been actively protecting our borders for almost 100 years. Originally formed on May 28th 1924 to protect the United States southern border from allowing illegal immigration from countries for Mexico was a lax state that woudl allow travel from foreigners wishing harm on America.

Canada was more strict in its immigration policies as well as sharing the US global interests was seen as a partner in the west rather than a foreign country. Although many woudl say its based on some BS racism, it actually was nationalism between the old nations of Europe and their old feuds. Mexico was established by Spanish colonialism which aligned with the Roman Catholic Church’s totalitarianism. The church and State were one and America wanted nothing to do with the Emperors of Rome.

US Border Patrol Challenge Coins
U.S. Border Patrol Challenge Coins

The United States Border Patrol was formed from the Watchmen of the United States Department of Commerce and Labor patrolling the border to prevent illegal crossings as early as 1904. Later they would be officially formed to stem the increased illegal immigration.

U.S. Border Patrol Vehicle

U.S. Border Patrol works non stop to day and night defending our borders form the international globalists attempt to dumb down our society with narcotics and smut. Remember that a Morale People are Free. An immoral peoples are not free.

U.S. Border Patrol Customs and Inspections seizing up the Queen’s powder.
Joe Biden's Border Patrol
U.S. Border Patrol Riders preventing foreigners from illegally trying to enter America.

Lot of bad press from these optics trying to damage the integrity of the Border Patrol agencies and the personnel working for them. They tried to depict this as a racist horse riding patriotic thing

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