Trump Cabinet

Speculation continues as we await the final decision for The Trump Administration.

Donald J. Trump has clinched the presidential election and is on his way to lead our nation for the next 4 years. In January, his inauguration will be held on The National Mall in Washington, D.C. and his era will officially begin. Over the next several weeks, I will breakdown key events that are critical for the new transition we are enduring. Part 1 is the Trump Administration.

President-elect Trump has been very open about the selection process for his administration. His decisions will give us an idea on the direction he wants to go in certain areas. Examples of these areas include: healthcare, economy, taxes, and education. With his first official 100 days approaching, the rumor mill has begun regarding the names he is considering.

Left, Sarah Palin. Center, Donald J. Trump Jr. Right, Rudolph Guliani.

Trump recently announced his Vice President, Mike Pence, will lead the transition team. In addition, Trump has also announced his Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus. Priebus is currently serving as the Chairman of The Republican National Committee. Now that the man in charge of the country has chosen the man in charge of his staff, the full breakdown of positions are about to commence. Here is the list of positions that Trump will have to fill, preferably by the end of the year:

  • Secretary of State
  • Treasury Secretary
  • Defense Secretary
  • Attorney General
  • Interior Secretary
  • Agriculture Secretary
  • Commerce Secretary
  • Labor Secretary
  • Health & Human Services Secretary
  • Energy Secretary
  • Education Secretary
  • Secretary of Veteran Affairs
  • Homeland Security Secretary
  • P.A. Administrator
  • S. Trade Representative
  • N. Ambassador
  • I.A. Director/Director of National Intelligence
  • National Security Adviser
trump cabinet small

A meme predicting the new positions.

Mr. Trump has quite a few positions to fill on his hands, but that is what happens when a nation undergoes a transition phase. There are quite a few names in the running for each , to see the full listing, click here.

We will continue to monitor each decision made and have several more reads coming for you all as we move forward under President-Elect Trump. Until then, be true to yourself.