Without question law enforcement and the Thin Blue Line has some of the best kept slogans out there. They don’t have an easy job by easy means once in a while you have just got to laugh at the daily activities many of which have produced these top 20 Police slogans

Homicide: Our day starts when yours ends

We’re the biggest street gang in America. We’re the POLICE.

Our Colors Never Run

Serve with valor, pride and integrity to honor the fallen for their ultimate sacrifice.

Some heroes wear capes. Mine wears Kevlar.

One Family. One Fight.

God made Cops so firefighters could have hero’s too.

To Serve and Protect is to Honor the Law!

We Serve our Community! We Protect our Citizens! United we stand, Divided we fall. Justice will be served!

The ultimate sacrifice by 1 of the many who have chosen to rise above the rest to protect you!

True blue, through and through. Born to protect, living and dying just to save you!

They want justice, but in reality it’s just us!

You have the right to remain silent…For God’s sake use it!

P.I.G. = Pride Integrity Guts
I love the smell of Justice in the morning.

Gangs show there colors so we show ours red and blues all the way.

Live with Honor, Serve with Pride

Peace Officers…The Original American Hero

God created His own family of Blue!!

For every police slogan there is a story. For every police story there is a police challenge coin that brings honor and tribute to the men and women of law enforcement. Enjoy these top 20 police slogans and hope you find them as fun and interesting as we did.