For over 14 years the designers and artists of 10-4Gear have been producing original police shirts for the law enforcement community. The Thin Blue Line shirts they have recently completed feature the same original design approach to LEO shirts as the previous ones they have created. The Thin Blue shirts however approach art with a simpler look but with a bold word. Each word is significant to the mindset of the Thin Blue Line and an important part of their daily jobs.

The Blue Griffon

Each of the Thin Blue Line shirts has a blue griffon featured on it. Why is this? The blue griffon is significant because it serves as the perfect mascot to American law enforcement professionals. With the head and wings of an eagle, half-eagle and the body of a lion, half-lion it represents the all-encompassing fields of law enforcement from the patrols on LA streets to the skies of New York and the New York Police depart. This is a symbol of law enforcement and the blue griffon makes the perfect mascot for LEOs.


Thin Blue Line

At no point in American law enforcement history has the Thin Blue Line ever been so stretched. The population of America has increased in an amazing way and even though there are law enforcement officials in every American city there is no time in our history when their ranks have been so removed or reduced. Black Lives Matter (BLM) and other Marxist attitudes would have you believe the Thin Blue Line is the problem. It is not and at 10-4Gear we stand by our men and women in blue and recognize their important part in our society. Where there are wolves there must be sheepdogs and their role protecting us from the wolves goes without saying.

Each of these Thin Blue Line shirts have a singular message which is printed with vibrant blue and white and the Blue Griffon as well. Each of these Thin Blue shirts mark with specificity the words Justice, Valor, America, Honor, Peace, Protect, Safety and Serve. Each word is essential to the cornerstone of American society and our way of life and are to be displayed and worn with Thin Blue Line pride.

America Thin Blue Line Police Shirt
America Thin Blue Line Police Shirt