A sniper is a well respected title in combat. Fifteen years ago was the first assassination order from the government since the second world war. Imran Zakhaev was the target. Pripyat, Ukraine was the setting. Captain McMillan and Lt. Price were given the order. There was no turning back. The nuclear war would eventually take place, but our two lone snipers had something to say about that. Enter operation, “All Gillied Up.”

They traveled through the abandoned rural town of Pripyat, sniping any tangos that stood in their way. From the wild German Shepherds, to the army crossing the plains that almost compromised them. Our heroes made it to their destination, the Pripyat Resort. It was nearly five football fields away. There was the meeting between Zakhaev and Ukrainian nationals willing to trade nukes for monetary gains. Only one problem remained, the wind direction.

Standing a couple hundred feet in the air, our snipers were in great position to inflict damage. At this point, it was all about the “perfect” shot. Zakhaev and the Official made the exchange and chatted a few seconds. Captain McMillan told Lt. Price to be patient. Watch the flag on the back of the jeep. Once the wind blew north, the shot was fired. Everyone scrambles and Zakhaev’s arm is completely ripped from his body.

The enemy chopper spots the shot and our snipers must shoot it down before things get nasty. As the chopper draws near, Lt. Price fires another lethal shot through the cockpit and down goes Frasier. Now it is time to flee. While declining from the heavily assaulted building, Captain McMillan calls Delta Two Four for immediate air pickup at the extraction point. Delta confirms and gives the ETA twenty minutes out. However, they are low on fuel. This will have to be a precise extraction if our snipers live to see another day.

The longest twenty minutes of their lives becomes the most intense. Our snipers manage to fight through tangos, trained dogs, claymores, and choppers, but make it to the extraction point. Delta has not arrived but are a few minutes out. However, the tangos begin to close in and our snipers must hold them off. After a few minutes of heavy fire, Delta finally arrives and encourages a speedy pickup.

Captain McMillan and Lt. Price struggle through the fire and finally make it on board Delta. They have successfully completed their mission. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a classic game, and this mission is a good example why. Snipers endure gruesome and intense objectives, but their sacrifices are what make their title so iconic.

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In the famous words of Ernest Hemingway, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and for those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

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View the full iconic Call of Duty mission below: