September 11th, 2001 will forever be remembered as the darkest day in modern American history. Thousands of Americans lost their lives. While millions were affected by the horrific terrorist attacks. The past fifteen years have been nothing short of emotion and remembrance. Especially when the anniversary comes around. That is why 10-4 Gear is honoring the heroic actions of our country’s first responders, and brave civilians.

The “911 Memorial Never Forget Coin” is 10-4 Gear’s exclusive tribute that symbolizes exactly what our nation has done the past fifteen years, never forget.  A lot has changed since that day. From the security standards throughout our nation. To the creation of an agency designed specifically for the War on Terror. 911’s events are still stinging strong to this day. Our mission with this coin is to remember the lives of the fallen heroes who gave theirs, to protect ours. VSWA298C-911-Memorial-Coin-TFG-Site

Firefighters, police officers, civilians, and many more stood for more than just citizenship, they stood for pride. The design of this coin truly represents what America is all about. All the essential red, white, and blue color accents to highlight the flag, with a silver metallic, 3-D effect for the firefighters and eagles. This coin is definitely a “must have” for a 911 collection.

Despite the backlash, America has done a fantastic job in rebuilding the morale of the country. Tighter security, stronger structures, and combat trained aircraft personnel have been put in place. However, there is no guarantee that another 911-like attack will occur under these restrictions. Which is why as Americans we must always keep our guard up. Never forget the challenges faced on that day. That was one of the most significant times our country truly came together.

This coin is limited edition and only a few are in stock as we approach 9/11/2016. For more info on how to get your hands on one, simply click the link below. God bless the men and women in arms, and may God bless America.

Until next time.