Motor Unit Ghostrider Police Challenge Coin


Get your Motor Unit Ghostrider Police Challenge Coin! A perfect gift for any law enforcement officer in the line of duty or retired.

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The Motor Unit Ghostrider Police Challenge Coin created for the Motor Units, the police on motorcycles, who have the speed to dispense justice on the freeways and highways and neighborhoods of America. They are the Ghostriders! This beautifully hand crafted police challenge coin measures 2.5 inches at its width, has silver and gold metallic accents that give it a rich and highly detailed look. One of the most interesting characteristics of this police challenge coin is that it spins! The Ghostrider at the center of this police challenge coins spins exposing both sides as it turns within the coin. At the bottom of this police challenge coin reads the quote from Proverbs 28 “The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion.” 

So when did motor units and motor officers first arrive on the scene? A lot of dates and police departments would suggest Chief August Vollmer of the Berkeley Police Department is credited with organizing the first official police motorcycle patrol in the United States in 1911. Harley-Davidson, an amazing US company, suggests Detroit, Michigan with the first motor units dating back to 1908. Portland, Oregon even has a police officer that used his personal motorcycle going back to 1908. There is a lot of debate about the first motor unit but there is no discussion when it comes to how fast, furious and effective these Ghostriders are as part of the Thin Blue Line.

This beautiful Motor Unit Ghostrider Police Challenge Coin is antique dual toned gold and silver plated measuring 2.5″ with a special shape and 4mm thickness. This police challenge coin makes the perfect police gift.

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