Tulsa Officer Betty Shelby, Right. Terrence Crutcher, Left.

September was definitely a hectic month in law enforcement. A month involving a few media hyped incidents pertaining to police and African-American relations. A select few who were killed during routine traffic stops. These recent incidents have caused another uprising across America. Since July, similar incidents took place in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Many Americans are wondering if this will soon become a mainstream norm amongst the media. If so, then we could be in for a wild ride. Let’s discuss.

On September 16, 2016, Terrence Crutcher was fatally shot by Tulsa Police officer Betty Shelby. He called 911 when his truck ran out of gas and he became stuck in the middle of the road. When officers arrived on the scene, they ordered him to put his hands in the air. He did just that, but he continued to walk back to his truck. Officers then swooped in and told him to remain still. Crutcher then appeared to reach inside his vehicle, and that’s when Shelby fired her shots. The chopper crew from above stated that Crutcher was armed and dangerous.


Crutcher (white), leaning against his truck.

When the video released to the public, a national outrage began. Crutcher was unarmed and was not carrying a weapon inside his truck. His window was rolled up when investigators did their search, which also sparked national outrage. Shelby was later charged with first degree manslaughter. and turned herself into authorities. She was soon released on $50,000 bond, and is awaiting trial. With all of the national anthem protests, police brutality, and other tensions causing a divide amongst the citizens, America could be headed for a dark place.


Crutcher laying dead on the ground after being fatally shot.

In addition, with a new presidential administration moving into Pennsylvania Ave come January 2017, this epidemic could get worse before it gets better. However, I strongly believe this is a critical moment for the country to come together and unite through these difficult times. It is very possible to do this, but it will depend on how we as a country choose to take our first steps. We overcame tough times and adversity before, so why not do it again. Here’s to a better and more conscious October.

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