One would think that after his remarkable luck, science or ability to outperform Warren Buffet on his stock picks that Paul Pelosi might not cry wolf with the amount of evidence he faces with his alleged hammer attack at his residence in San Francisco. I mean gosh don’t you think the guy sleeping with the then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, would be a little more private with his nocturnal activities.

San Francisco Police responded to a call from Mr Pelosi on the evening of October 28, 2022 and when they arrived at the home of the Pelosi’s and opened the door. Mr Pelosi once would think would have exited the home running away from the purported aggressor Mr. David DePape.

As later SFPD would later state Mr Pelosi went back into the home, towards the foyer and in the direction of his alleged attacker. Not exactly the actions of someone that felt threatened or had even been brutally attacked. Mr Pelosi was stated as having been able to easily open the door to his home and did so while in his evening attire and made no reference to his attack.

San Francisco Sheriff Police Decal

Even NBC reporter Miguel Almaguer (see The Washington Free Beacon article) was ghosted when he made an honest on the air report of the activities of that night has disappeared for over several weeks. No one knows where the guy is and where he went. Strange indeed. The report given by the San Francisco Police was argued later by Department OF Justice officials as incorrect and misleading.

It is already highly apparent that the DOJ is corrupt and as some whistleblowers have already stated “corrupt the core” but not the SF Police. They arrived like all first responders do, took down the facts and reported it without any politically leanings. Then came the lies and woke politics that tried to change the narrative, call the SFPD liars and rest the responsibilities and failures at their feet. We simply will not have that. The truth is beginning to come out and just in time for Nancy Pelosi to put down her gavel after having accomplished nothing in her tenure as Speaker of the House except make some great stock picks with her stocking picking bed mate.

San Francisco Police Got It Right

So let’s support the police the way they should be and acknowledge them when they do a terrific job like they did here and call this what it was.

US Constitution Oath Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin
US Constitution Oath Police Custom Engraved Challenge Coin

Applaud the police of San Francisco for arriving in 8 minutes from the call and making sure they held up their job and responsbilities as professionally as it gets. They kept their oath!