Order Over Chaos. Well I’m back with another product release! It’s been a while since I introduced the market to a cutting-edge LEO product, so here we are at last! 10-4 Gear is proud to introduce our new “Order Over Chaos” shirt.

Due to the recent incidents that have taken place across the country, this shirt is perfect for our society’s current state of affairs. There have been numerous protests across the country due to the unfortunate shooting deaths of unarmed black civilians. These protests are from Black Lives Matter (BLM). and are serving each major city with peaceful protests. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, but what happens when these protests get out of control? Our men and women in blue. tfg053-order-over-chaos

“Order Over Chaos” is perfect for these occasions. Primarily due to the fact that protests can become chaotic, and there is a high need of discipline in these streets. The reason for this shirt’s creation. Not just for protests, but for all events that have a high risk of getting out of hand.

Well that’s enough about the current situation. I’ll go into detail about each incident later this week. Let’s get back to why we are all here. This shirt is handcrafted and shipped from our facility in Dallas, TX. That is why we take being made in America very serious! This shirt will surely make a great gift for the holiday season. With a variety of sizes available, there will be no problem finding the perfect fit for you.

That does it for this blog. Every now and then I’ll drop a quick product launch on you, but with the holidays approaching, I’ll keep them rolling. Order your shirts today.

Click here for men.

Click here for women. tfg053w-order-over-chaos

I look forward to seeing these out there on the backs of our LEOs nationwide. Patrol our country with order, but most importantly, with honor.

Until next time patrons. 10-4!