Today is National Dog Day. A day celebrated to embrace our fellow four-legged friends. This day represents a lot of love and emotion for dog owners and lovers worldwide. Not everyone has a dog, and that’s ok. Allergies, time, and other conflicting issues interfere with care for an animal. Unfortunately, for some, it becomes a responsibility issue. How can you expect to take care of a dog if you can’t even take care of yourself? Well let’s just say there are good and bad times. National Dog Day 2016

Millions of dogs are neglected, abused, or abandoned worldwide. Some are rescued in time off the streets, others are too late. The rescues are given a second chance depending on their condition. Euthanizing is the only option for very sick rescues due to the severity of their conditions. However, a few K-9s come out of this group. Not every K-9 comes from a freshly picked litter. Shelters are the primary resource.

Time after time after time, we hear and read so many stories regarding K-9 adoptions. Not only are they heartwarming, but they also bring hope to society. Charming and loving dogs are treated so cruel. Well there are bad people out there. It’s ironic how the small percentage of the bad conflict the intentions of the good. Pitbull’s are a prime example. Bad ownership leads to a misbehaving dog. On the other hand, good ownership leads to a well behaved dog.

The point is to always love your animals like family. If you take anything away from this post, remember this; the dog did not choose you, you chose the dog. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take full responsibility for your canine friend. I will say this, loyalty is hard to come by in today’s society, but I never met a canine that turned on me or any owner I knew. No matter how mistreated they are, they will still look up to you. Simply because you are all they have. Let that sink in.

Until next time, 10-4.

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