The 75th anniversary honoring K-9 veterans is approaching. 10-4 Gear has been preparing for the anniversary and has designed an exclusive apparel collection dedicated to the commencement. These designs are to dedicate the service and sacrifice all K-9s have made to protect and serve. They come in an assortment of hoodies and t-shirts available in men’s and women’s sizes. Let’s take a look.

K-9 Veteran Men’s Shirt

Our first design is “K-9 Veteran.” This design represents all K-9s nationwide who have served or are currently serving. The elegant American fatigue in the background highlights that these K-9s are fighting and protecting. A German Shepherd gracing the front with a heartfelt message. Its message reads:

“My eyes are yours, to watch and protect you. My ears are your ears, to hear evil minds in the darkness. My nose is your nose, to scent the invader of your domain and so that you may live. My life is also yours.”

The last detail to take note of is the anniversary. From 1942-2017, is proudly displayed beneath the K-9’s collar. Hoodies and shirts are available, and can be custom made for sizing and print location.

Our second design is “K-9 Veteran Night Vision.” This is a very special design that our veteran service members will truly appreciate. Night missions are dangerous enough with limited visibility and natural light. The concept of this design was to display how essential K-9s are with their unique ability to scope out targets through scents.

K-9 Veteran Night Vision Women’s Shirt

The graphic illustrates a soldier in the field during a nightly operation, but by his side is his best friend. While he keeps watch through his scope, his K-9 partner keeps watch through its scent and hearing ability. This design is available in hoodies and shirts with select sizes and print locations as well.

We all love dogs. How could we not? They are loyal and standby our sides no matter how we treat them. Any animal willing to go to war with you is more than an animal, they are family. Honor the K-9 family with this apparel collection, and let your K-9 pride be shown in full force.

Until next time.

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