Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Mexico today, August 31, 2016. His visit raised some eyebrows considering his outrageous remarks within the past year. What on earth could Trump be visiting Mexico for just ten weeks away from election Tuesday? Well the reason may not surprise you after all. rtx2nqro

The Donald met with Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto, to discuss building the infamous wall Trump has made famous since his campaign began. Just hours before Trump’s big speech on immigration, the two described the meeting as a warm climate with plenty of disagreements. However, the two are definitely far apart on border patrol. This will play a huge factor in the election because border relations have always been a key factor in trade agreements for the Western Hemisphere.

There were no Trump protesters outside of the meeting facility, as many assumed there would be backlash. Trump has recently been flipping his stance on immigration. One day he wants to abolish every undocumented immigrant in the country. The next day he wants to make exceptions for the meaning of immigrant. Either way it causes plenty of controversy throughout the world. President of the United States of America is considered the “leader of the free world,” everything he does has an influence. These next ten weeks will be very interesting.

American and Mexican relations are critical for the continent of North America. The current immigration crisis is affecting our border cities. Trump’s stance on the issue is heavily favored by some and opposed by many. However, there is a strong likability within his campaign due to the fact he speaks unconsciously on these issues, but somehow makes a connection with a certain percentage. It’s too early to call the election. but given the early poll numbers, it’s still 50/50.

All we can make of this meeting are future implications. Trump tried to sell Mexico on paying for the wall he wants built. The best reaction to that is no reaction at all. See you in September.

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