Donald Trump accepting the victory and is declared President-Elect.

Decision 2016 finally came on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The results led into the early morning of Wednesday, November 9, 2016. There was a huge turnout with over 110 million votes in counting. However, there had to be a winner. Republican nominee Donald J. Trump officially clinched the 2016 Presidential Election with an impressive victory over Democratic nominee Hilary R. Clinton. It was a hard fought campaign, but of course came controversy.

After clinching the victory, now president-elect Trump made his way to the podium to accept the victory. Shortly before, Clinton reached out to him to concede defeat and that is what made it official. Throughout his campaign, Trump had been receiving backlash from a lot of liberal, progressive, and minority groups due to his hardcore views on certain issues. Even though he is entitled to his own beliefs, a lot of people (mostly the media) did not let that resonate well.


Hilary Clinton on her speech acknowledging her defeat, and reminds Americans to keep hope alive.

Trump clinched the Electoral College vote with an impressive 279-228 victory. It was so impressive because Trump was behind in all the pre-election polls, but America clearly did not let that dictate their voice. However, Clinton won the popular vote with a 59,938,290 – 59,704,886 victory. Just over 200,000 votes separated the voice of the people.

Now there is a backlash against the Electoral College system. Let’s look at it like this, are we heated because a certain candidate did not win or because a certain candidate did? It becomes redundant to a point and we must accept the results. That’s how politics and democracy work.

Trump is expected to assemble his cabinet in the coming weeks and is looking forward to make the transition from the Obama Administration. With various protests and riots in the aftermath of his victory, he pledges to be a president of the people, and not just a certain group. Regardless, everyone has baggage when they enter the White House, and they will continue to have it once they leave. Give President Trump a chance and let’s see what he’s got. Believe me, America will be watching.

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Positive outlooks over these next 4 years. Until next time.