The Thin Blue Line deserves the very best when it comes to a police coin. Not any police coin will do which is why the exclusively offered custom engraved police challenge coins only offered at 10-4Gear is where the top of the line can be found.

The largest departments such as the NYPD, Chicago Police Department, Houston Police, LA Police and more have come to 10-4 Gear to experience what can only be described as amazing by more than a few police officers. With the brilliant and stunningly detailed coin displaying some of the most iconic police images the reverse side is where the magic happens with 80 character spaces to customize. Your police and law enforcement career, anniversary, precinct to a particular event or badge number can easily be engraved.

protect and serve engravable coin

No Two Police Coins Are the Same

That’s a fact. With the originality of art and police design the Custom Engraved Police Challenge Coins cover a seismic amount of options when comes to how and what you want displayed on your coin. Name your division whether vice, narcotics, homicide, traffic or a ghetto cop to a flatfoot beat cop in any major city in America with your specific information can be added Why not have that piece of luck in your pocket with your very own custom engraved police challenge coin. You can’t have enough luck and keeping that little extra mojo around in the form of a police coin can and does make the difference.


14 Years Supporting Law Enforcement

Can’t get enough of The Thin Blue Line or creating unique police gifts and especially police coins. The attitudes, professionalism, unwavering dedication and a little pride goes into each design. We feel we have the best designs in the industry and that is why we can’t stop designing for America’s finest.