It’s September so you know what that means, three months until Christmas! Everyone has a schedule for attacking holiday shopping. Some do it in the final quarter, and others do it last minute. 10-4 Gear is in the holiday spirit quite early. Here is our top 10 list of products from our store that you will want to get your hands on this season. All products are made of premium quality, and made in America!

10) K-9 Team Shirt


K-9 Team Shirt is Available for Men & Women.

Run and we own you! Our K-9 Team Shirt is a classic for every dog lover out there. K-9s are the most highly trained animals, and 10-4 Gear takes pride in their work. With a front and back design print, it will surely attract attention anywhere you go. Place your order here.

9) Oath to US Constitution Shirt


Oath to US Constitution Shirt is Available for Men & Women.

You took the oath to serve and protect. Now it’s time to wear it proudly! Our Oath to US Constitution Shirt is truly one of a kind when it comes to attention to detail. With a fine black base color, and patriotic colorway to the design print, it is another neck breaker when worn. The Constitution represents a free way of life, wear this shirt freely and be proud of the freedom we cherish! Place your order here.

8) Blue Griffon 10-4 Gear Law Enforcement Coffee Mug

Law Enforcement Coffee Mugs

Blue Griffon Coffee Mug can be fully customized.

Coffee and donuts are the stereotype with law enforcement. That is why we had to cater to our officer’s caffeine fix. The Blue Griffon Coffee Mug is a flagship product containing our signature logo. In addition to the blue griffon, these mugs come custom with any image you choose. No longer drink out of that boring old mug, add some pizazz and flavor to your morning ritual! Place your order here.

7) K-9 Coffee Mug

Police K-9 Coffee Mug

K-9 Coffee Mug can be fully customized.

Back at it again with the K-9s! At number 10 we introduced the K-9 Team Shirt. Well chiming in at number 7 is our K-9 Coffee Mug. This mug contains our custom made K-9 logo with a cutting edge look and feel. Add a mug with your shirt and represent your K-9 squad to the fullest! Place your order here.

6) Michael Patron Saint of Police Officers Shirt


St. Michael Patron Saint of Police is available in Men’s & Women’s.

Can we get a witness upon the holy spirit of the thin blue line? We proudly present to you the exclusive St. Michael Patron Saint Shirt. This is a new release for Quarter 4 of 10-4 Gear’s product line. With an eye-catching design of St. Michael himself, and a powerful quote to address the reader, this shirt is another must-have for the holiday season. Be one of the first to order this new release. Place your order here.

5) Armor of God Coin

Armor Of God Coin

Armor of God Coin front & back view.

War is not a joke. Only the strong survive. Unfortunately, no matter how strong you are, there is always a high risk of not returning home. You can be active combat, or serving in the community, our Armor of God Coin will protect you. This very coin depicts the great Ephesians 6:13-17 bible verse, and will guide you home in faith. The incredible hand crafted design is highly detailed and will make a great gift for anyone. Place your order here.

4) Ireland’s Finest Police Shield Vintage Sign

Ireland's Finest Police Shield Vintage Sign

Ireland’s Finest Police Shield is truly one of a kind.

We can all use a little luck. I haven’t come across a 4-Leaf Clover in a good while. However, 10-4 Gear will proudly serve one to you. The Ireland’s Finest Police Vintage Sign is an incredible piece. A plasma cut and highly crafted sign that has outstanding durability. St. Patrick’s Day just arrived during the Christmas season thanks to 10-4 Gear! Bring that luck your way for Christmas. Place your order here.

3) Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin

Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin

Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin: Back View

Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin

Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin: Front View

One shot, one kill. That can be a headshot, but with a sniper rifle, that can be anywhere! Our Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin is a gun enthusiast’s dream. This coin represents the sniper brotherhood and is a great pocket charm to keep when going to the range. It also contains a slick glow-in-the-dark hue, and an iconic quote from the great Ernest Hemingway on the back. Be one of the first to own a vision-strike military coin! Place your order here.

2) 911 Memorial Never Forget Our Heroes Coin


9/11 Memorial Coin is appealing to the eye.

September 11, 2001 is the most horrific day in modern American history. After being attacked in New York City, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, our country changed forever. The amount of lives lost was unbelievable, and many Americans are still affected to this day. One thing that never goes unnoticed is the amount of heroes that were made. Our 911 Memorial Coin represents those that have fallen protecting our lives on that tragic day. Significant detail involving police, firefighters, civilians, and more. This coin is a symbol of the great qualities America was built on. Own a piece of that symbolism for Christmas. Place your order here.

1) Tattered Thin Blue Line Fluid Metal Sign

Tattered Thin Blue Line Fluid Metal Sign

Tattered Thin Blue Line Metal Sign is the”must-have” this holiday season.

The top product to get your hands on this Christmas is a sign. This sign represents what our people in blue relate to. Our Tattered Thin Blue Line Fluid Metal Sign is everything our LEOs need. American flag with a blue line to represent what we protect and serve. It is the perfect size to display proudly at home, in the office, or a den. A beautiful hand crafted product with a floating appearance will make you proud to protect and serve the communities in this great nation. Display this sign with great pride and be proud to wear blue!