On March 24, 2017, CHIPS will hit the mainstream market. The world will receive a personal tour of Southern California’s highways. This personal tour will be given by two CHP officers, Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and John Baker. As our officers patrol the highways of LA, expect plenty of laughs to go around.

The overall plot is not yet defined, but there will be a lot of traffic stops and CHPs doing CHP things! Los Angeles is notorious for street patrol. There’s the wonderful SoCal weather, palm trees, sunshine, blue skies, and of course cop chases! Anything can happen in the field, and CHIPS will surely not disappoint when it hits theaters this spring.

CHP – Men’s Shirt

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CHP – Women’s Shirt

With 2017 only being a few weeks old, a lot is definitely happening that looks good for law enforcement. I will be back in the coming days to touch on these important events. Be sure to lookout for it. All I will say is this, the new president and administration is pro-law enforcement. Considering the bad hits police nationwide took in 2016, change is more than welcomed this year, and we all look forward to it.

Until next time.