The 2016 Presidential Debate series has wrapped up and each candidate we are now less than two weeks away from the most important decision we will all make. As a democracy, voting for our nation’s president is a right every citizen has. However, after the debates, can either of these candidates influence the decision for the undecided voter? Let’s take a look.

clinto-v-trump-first-debateJust 13 days away from Decision 2016, millions of Americans are still left undecided. It’s fair to say that both candidates don’t impress much. You want to vote and exercise your right, but do you feel confident with your choice? There are over 200 million citizens in the United States. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are the final two. Most despise Trump and would never vote for him, while others do not trust Clinton given her political history.

Throughout all three debates the two continued to take verbal jabs and aggressions to persuade the American people for their votes. A few superstars were born in the process, hence Ken Bone. His fame is for another day, we’ll stay focused on the candidates. At the end of the 2nd debate Clinton and Trump complimented each other on what they admire about their work ethic. It was a light-hearted moment that eased all the tension the past 18 months.

In all seriousness, this is the time where the campaigns become tighter and every stop counts. Americans are feeling the pressure with the right to vote, but are not confident in either choice. The best move to make on November 8, 2016 is to go to the polls and cast your vote. Whether or not you are favorable of either candidate is a personal choice. However, make the vote for who you think will best serve the interest of our country.

ap_16271060996230-e1474943617762Click here for a preview of what’s to come after the election.

I will touch base with my fellow readers come election day to discuss the decision as well as the aftermath. Until then, please get out and vote my fellow Americans.

Until next time.