American steel is what we live for in this country. The label of the blue collar work force in a nutshell. If you are a steel worker, you are honored amongst your fellow hard labor peers. Steel has always been the blueprint, but what about the products? That is what this blog is about ladies and gents.

Last time I introduced you all to t-shirts. This time I am bringing the finest steel products to your computer screen. 10-4 Gear is launching their new “Pull Over Now” exclusive collection. In this collection, there are numerous signs with a large monster police car with an intimidating presence. The importance of this collection is due to their handcrafting from the finest American steel. Attention to detail is what 10-4 Gear takes pride in. These signs truly represent that.

Aside from the signs, the one product that really stands out in this collection is the “Pull Over Now Clock.” Yes, a clock! There is nothing wrong with being able to tell time in style. This is a wall clock so you’ll do more staring than wrist flexing, but you get the idea. The clock is truly a masterpiece. Straight from the inspiration and innovation of Larry Grossman, the clock measures in at 14 X 14 and weighs only 3 pounds.

Being hand made in the USA is another plus. The main feature includes an American made quartz clock movement. This results in an accurate time keeping and is covered with a clear acrylic lens. The duration will have this clock looking brand new for years to come. Not bad for a holiday gift to yourself or to someone else.

The main thing I wanted you to gain from this post is that American made products are essential in this economy. 10-4 Gear makes their products in America, but using the main blue collar material that creates thousands, if not millions of jobs, is another reason for Law Enforcement Officers to claim a sign with pride and integrity. After all, American steel and police go hand in hand, literally. Check the weapons vault.

To order your “Pull Over Now” merchandise, click here.

Until next time, 10-4!