September 11, 2001, will forever be remembered as the greatest tragedy in modern American History.

10-4 Gear is honoring all heroes in the weeks leading up to the anniversary.

The terrorist attacks are the highlight of the tragedy, but we are solely dedicating the next few weeks to honor the first responders and civilians who deserve credit and attention as the real heroes.800_fe7814d2175856cc67c636d6ad06f2b2

A Reminder of The Specifics

Over 3,000 people lost their lives on that September day, and over 6,000 injured. New York City lost the World Trade Center. Arlington, Virginia took heavy damage with assault on the Pentagon. The last plane headed to the white house abruptly crashed in a rural Pennsylvania forest. Tens of thousands of people worked in both the Pentagon and World Trade Center on that day.

This Is The Story Of Two Heroic Marines

Jason Thomas, a 27-year-old retired Marine was dropping off his daughter to her mother’s house that morning. However, he was unaware of the events that would soon take place, just like every American. As soon as he dropped his daughter off, he heard on the radio about the current attacks. Thomas kept his uniform in the trunk of his car. After receiving the news, he quickly swapped his civilian clothes for his uniform and drove to Manhattan.

Dave Karnes, a retired Staff Sergeant was working that day in Wilton, Connecticut. A regular office job, he happened to watch the tragic events unfolding on television. He quickly informed his colleagues and boss that the country was now at war. Unsure if he would return for a while, Karnes went to get a haircut, changed into his uniform, and took the drive to Manhattan as well.

By the time both our heroes reached the city, the towers had collapsed and there was nothing remaining but debris.

The two partnered together, along with the first responders and began a productive search to find survivors. Many officials were rescued, and the search continued for nine days.

Those officials still hold the two Marines in their debt fifteen years later. However, both replied as saying that it was not just the right thing to do, but it was the American thing to do. God bless America.

This is just one story that went untold.

America’s true character was on display that day.

Never forget and always remember the sacrifices made by our heroes.

Until next time.


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