As a police officer in the USA, comes a lot of guts and glory on the job. There are dangers faced everyday, which also makes it so thrilling. Fighting crime while serving the community for the greater good. In return, 10-4 Gear has catered unique designs to all Law Enforcement Departments across this great country. Whether you like shirts, accessories, badges, or even tactical supplies, we have the product for you! TFG050-New-York-City-Police-Dep-Shirt

     The job is very demanding. A crisis often becomes a national headline, and in return, given police a bad label as a whole. We want all of Law Enforcement to take pride in their profession/occupation. In the officer section of our website, we showcase everything LEO related and give you that proud feeling similar to the day you took oath. Now let’s be honest, as service men and women, we wear attire all the time outside of uniform to resemble who we are. However, 10-4 Gear makes sure you showcase our products with pride in your unit, division, and department.

     From Atlanta to Phoenix, up to New York, and down to Miami, every division nationwide has a custom identity that is 10-4 affiliated, stamped, and approved. After our initial launch, word got out, but not out of the park. We needed the grand slam, rather than the base hit that would get us two runs. An 80-yard touchdown run, and not the goal line power formation. That is why we went back to the locker room, and drew up another strategy during halftime. Break it down, piece by piece. What is it that our officers crave? How do police want to be seen in the public eye? So many questions, and we have so many answers     

     Law Enforcement is the human group embodiment that swears to protect and serve the people, community, and nation. Our shirts acknowledge their many sacrifice and dedication. Due to 10-4 Gear’s mission, you have become intrigued, inspired, and motivated to visit our website. In addition, if you have before, visit us again because you never know what type of promotions we have going on. Become THE difference in the community.

     You say 10-4 all the time; why not wear it as well? Click below to get started. SEE YOU SOON!

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