On Monday, September 26th, 2016, the first presidential debate took place for the 2016 Presidential Election. The most highly anticipated debate in years was on every American’s television that night. Ratings came in with over 83 million viewers. Whether democrat or republican, it made a name for one of the most watched television program in modern American history. What does this mean? I’ll explain.


Trump & Clinton before taking their podiums.

Every presidential election makes for an exciting time. All the campaigning, political conversations, debates, and of course poll vibes highlights the emphasis of a democracy. In addition to the right to vote. Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the front runners for their respective parties. Trump as the republican, and Hilary as the democratic. Both have been running neck and neck the past few months, and it has been too close to call. The debate would definitely create a gap in the polls, but how did they do? Let’s take a look.

At the start, Trump came right out the gate taking jabs at Clinton’s husband (former President Bill Clinton) regarding failed policies. Of course her emails were in the fold as well. Clinton took defense and jabbed at Trump regarding his bankrupt history on several businesses and corporations in the past. In addition to his unstable leadership skills to be the next leader of the free world. Whether or not these debates truly impact voter’s decisions is one thing, but seeing which candidate can take on pressure is another.


Trump & Clinton greet the media.

Considering all of the tension with law enforcement the past few years under the Obama Administration, it will be very interesting to see how things improve under a Trump or Clinton Administration. I believe there’s a solution for every problem. Like the old saying goes, you’re either part of the solution, or you’re part of the problem. Trump and Clinton will be one or the other. Let’s all hope that they can provide solutions.

A lot of people aren’t sold on any of the candidates, including the third party. However, we must vote for one. Whoever is elected will have quite a task in hand, both foreign and domestic. In the end, I believe America will make the right choice. I’ll catch you all on this topic after the second debate.

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Until next time. 10-4!