Sniper One Shot One Kill Glow In Dark Police Challenge Coin


Get your Sniper One Shot One Kill Police Challenge Coin! A perfect gift for any law enforcement officer in the line of duty or retired.

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This Sniper One Shot One Kill Police Challenge Coin was created with a unique look, highly defined art that makes a unique police coin. The Sniper One Shot One Kill Police Challenge Coin has a see through scope with cross hairs and glow in the dark text. No other Sniper police challenge coin in the industry looks like this and why it stands apart here.

You have seen the movies, the police TV shows when a bank is being robbed, an armed gunmen takes to the street wildly or when a hostile criminal has the firepower to overcome a regularly equipped police officer, Sheriff or State Trooper. When you need to bring in a specialist with a special talent for lining up the criminal in their sites you have the Sniper.

When criminals ante up with more firepower the police can raise you with a Sniper. The reverse side of this Sniper coin has the words of Ernest Hemmingway inscribed upon it.

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and for those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”

The Sniper One Shot One Kill Coin.
Deep 3d relief with metallic and vintage gold, silver and green accents
Cut through Sniper reticule
2 inch coin, 4mm thickness
Highly detailed relief US military Sniper Commemorative Coin.

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