Thin Green Line Flag Police Business Survival Card


Have the tool you need on the beat!

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Designed for military veterans and every cop on the beat, on patrol, investigating a scene of a crime or an accident knows you have to have the right tools to get the job done. Making it home at the end of your watch means everything and the right set of tools will get you there. The Thin Green Line Flag Police Business Survival Card is one item you need in your squad car to be used when the call arrives over the radio. Car 51 where are you? Right here with this amazing police survival business card is what every law enforcement needs.

Thin Green Line Flag Police Business Survival Card Product Details

  • The NEW multi-function business card size tool that fits in your wallet. Made of .040” powder-coated steel. It has a total of 18 tools including
    3 different screwdrivers, 6 hex wrenches, can opener, bottle opener, ruler, phone stand, box opener, fruit peeler and letter opener.
  • USA Printed by US Veterans
  • Same size as a VISA so it fits in most wallets
  • Original art and military graphics makes it a unique and cool tool for most occasions
  • Art is under license with US military licensing offices

Designed for The Thin Blue Line and law enforcement officers for all US police departments, Sheriffs, State Troopers, beat cops, police detectives, 9-11 dispatchers, highway patrol, motorcycle police officers and more. The police survival cards also make a wonderful police gift item for the holiday season.


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