EOD Nerves of Steel Police Challenge Coin


Get your EOD Nerves of Steel Police Challenge Coin! A perfect gift for any law enforcement officer in the line of duty or retired.


EOD Nerves of Steel Police Challenge Coin designed for the explosive ordnance disposal professionals and those who have ‘Nerves of Steel”. Making the hazardous explosive devices safe, rendering them “dead”. It takes a special type of person the work in the EOD. Early as the late 1800’s there have been problem and brave men and women to deal with them. The EOD Nerves of Steel Law Enforcement Coin is dedicated to the brave men and women of the EOD. It takes Nerves of Steel to work the EOD.

This beautiful police challenge coin is antique gold and silver with inlaid hand painted accents. Double sided and individually numbered. It measures 2.0″ round and 4mm thick. Dual plated silver and gold plated accents finish this highly detailed law enforcement challenge coin. This police challenge coin makes the perfect police gift.

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