On February 7, 2017, President Donald Trump met with a group of individuals from the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) at the White House. Only a few weeks after his inauguration, he has made strong statements in regards to “law and order” and immigration. These two issues go hand-in-hand. The question is, what exactly was the purpose of this meeting? Let’s break everything down.

Since President Trump’s campaign, he has made his stance clear on how he wants to protect law enforcement officials. In addition to banning Muslim travelers from entering the United States from selected regions of the world. However, this meeting with the National Sheriffs’ Association comes at an intriguing time with America’s borders being the highlight of Trump’s first 100 days in office. Immigration is a very controversial topic in America. As a result, the NSA wrote a heartfelt executive letter stating their happiness for how Trump has handled this issue.

State and local law enforcement have, in recent years, shouldered much of the burden associated with criminal illegal immigration and the subsequent impact on our communities,” said the letter, which was signed by both the president and executive director of the National Sheriffs’ Association. “As you have recognized, our borders are not secure and we applaud your efforts to address this threat to our public safety.”

The group had an open discussion about all of the issues facing the law enforcement community, and how they were grateful for the opportunity to meet with the President, which the Obama Administration had never gave.

Towards the conclusion of the meeting, President Trump led them to the oval office to honor their duties and sacrifices in the community. In addition, the NSA expressed how excited they have been the past few months with a pro-law enforcement president in office. The atmosphere creates a safe haven throughout the country for all law enforcement officials, and makes the job safer knowing they now have a national backing from the highest administration in the land.

President Trump’s meeting with the National Sheriffs’ Association can be watched here.

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